About tengye magnetic

  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of sintered neodymium magnets and custom magnetic assemblies based in east China
  • Deep know-how in magnetics with high competence of designing and optimizing permanent magnets and magnetic assembly structure
  • Robust supply chain of rare earth raw materials, other non-rare-earth magnets and stamped or CNC machined parts.
  • Overmolding/Insert molding capabilities of integrating permanent magnets with plastic.


NdFeB Ring Magnet

Neodymium Magnets

loudspeakers, holding application
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NdFeB block magnet

Block Magnet

Also known as rectangular magnets
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ndfeb disc magnet

Disc Magnet

sensors, holding application
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arc motor magnet

Motor Magnet

various electric motors and generators
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special-shaped magnet

Speical Shape

holding applications
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Non-rare earth magnet

Other Magnets

SmCo5, Sm2Co17, ceramic and AlNiCo magnets
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custom magnetic assembly

Magnetic Assemblies

holding magnets: pot magnet, sandwich magnet assembly, rubber coated magnet Motion control: rotor magnet assembly, linear motor magnet system
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