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6x4x1 inch Ferrite Magnet | Magnetic Separation

What is 6x4x1 magnet?

Ferrite magnet (or ceramic magnet) accounts for over 80% of the permanent magnets used in the whole world (in terms of volume). One of the standard sizes of ferrite magnets that has been around for decades is block 6x4x1 inch. At Tengye, we name it 641C. (“C” represents Ceramic) The magnet has a dimension of L6xW4xT1 in inch. For length and width, the tolerance is ±2% of the dimension. A single 641C ferrite magnet weighs about 1.9KG. Common grades for this size are Y30BH (C8), Y30 and Y35.

According to our experience as 6x4x1 ferrite magnet supplier, some customers require the magnets delivered in the magnetized state while others in the unmagnetized state. In both cases, we provide a standard packaging of 10 pcs/carton, 50 cartons/pallet (500 pcs/pallet). Ferrite magnets are fragile, it’s important to use proper packaging and make sure the magnets stay intact during international transportation.

6x4x1 ferrite magnet
6x4x1 inch ferrite magnet

Applications of 6x4x1 magnets

6x4x1 ferrite magnets are used in magnetic separation equipment in various ways. In some cases, they are stacked to generate an enhanced magnetic flux density. At Tengye Magnetic, our 641C customers are either magnetic separator and filter manufacturers or master distributors of permanent magnets.

We have a good cost advantage for this standard ferrite magnet. Our molds produce four pieces of 6x4x1 ferrite magnets in one press, while the competition only 2 pieces. If this is going to be the first time your company selects Tengye Magnetic as 6x4x1 ferrite magnet supplier, we can provide sample before you go bulk purchase.

6x4x1 inch ceramic application
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Magnetic flux density of a 6x4x1 magnet in C8 (Y30BH) grade

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Manufacturing process (pressing) of 6x4x1 magnets

Tengye Magnetic: Chinese Supplier of 6"x4"x1" Ferrite Magnets

As a professional manufacturer and exporter of ferrite magnets and neodymium magnets in China, one of the most important applications of our magnets is magnetic separation and filtration. Ferrite magnets and neodymium magnets are needed in magnetic pulley, magnetic filter bar, etc. , Tengye Magnetic is your reliable Asian partner in the fields of permanent magnets. Whether you are an equipment manufacturer or master distributor of 6x4x1 ferrite magnets, Tengye Magnetic is your Asian partner for 6x4x1 ferrite block magnets as well as other permanent magnets.

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