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We are a medium-sized magnet company with a background in top NdFeB manufacturers. We supply finest permanent magnetic materials to medium & large-sized companies that use magnets.

Our headquarters are in Hangzhou. Here we are an engineering and sales team providing support to your design and purchase. In Ningbo, we have over one hundred skilled employees who are engaged in the manufacturing of permanent magnets. Our employees are the greatest asset. They never compromise on the quality of our magnets.

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Why Partner With Us

Magnet Design Assistance

Our know-how in magnetics enables us to take part in your new project and offer valuable advice in terms of magnets. We help our customer achieve cost optimization in the magnetic designing phase.

Competitive Magnet Price

We have robust supply chain to ensure a competitive price, even the during the periods of raw material price fluctuation. We can give advice on when to place the order when rare earth price is at the lowest point.

Extensive Magnet Products

Besides own sintered neodymium production site and assembly team, we supply a variety of other permanent magnets such as plastic magnets, Samarium-Cobalt and ceramic magnets, etc.

ISO9001 certified

We are an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer of neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies. Strict inspection is implemented before the magnets are shipped. Inspection reports for each shipment are provided.

Our Team

Integrity, Reliability, Willingness to learn, customer-orientation, In-time Response. The growth of our magnet business worldwide is tightly related to these qualities of our sales teams. Our customer is the biggest asset.

Steven Cai

Steven Cai

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Ella Gao

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We are proudly supplying permanent magnets or magnetic assemblies to some of the world famous companies.

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