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Enhanced Magnetic Flux Density: Boosting Motor Torque and Speed

Under the same size and material grade, polar-anisotropic ring magnet has a higher surface magnetic flux density compared to radial-anisotropic ones. 

This characteristic is beneficial in enhancing the torque and speed of motors, thereby improving their overall performance.

Sine Wave: Reducing Motor Noise and Vibration with Lower Cogging Torque

Radially oriented ring magnets typically have a square wave or saddle wave magnetic field distribution. In contrast, the magnetic flux density waveform on the outer diameter of a polar-anisotropic ring magnet closely resembles an ideal sine wave.

This waveform is advantageous in reducing cogging torque in motors during operation, leading to lower noise and vibration and achieving a quieter and more stable performance.

Halbach-like Magnetization Pattern: Lighter Motors with Non-magnetic Yoke

The orientation method used in polar-anisotropic ring magnets is similar to the Halbach array, with the magnetic flux not passing through the inner diameter. 

The advantage of this is that polar-anisotropic ring magnets can be used with non-magnetic yokes, reducing the weight of the rotor and the entire motor without affecting the magnetic flux density (surface gauss value) and the sinusoidal wave magnetic field distribution. 

If your design incorporates a polar-anisotropic ring magnet, consider using copper or plastic yokes.

Compact Design, Maximized Efficiency: The Size Advantage of Polar-anisotropic Ring Magnet

Both speed and torque are closely related to the magnetic flux density on the surface of the permanent magnet rotor. 

Compared to radially magnetized ring magnets, polar-anisotropic ring magnets can achieve the same magnetic flux density with a smaller mass. This advantage in mass not only reduces the size burden on other motor components but also promotes the lightweight design of the motor itself and the entire product structure. 

Such design improvements contribute to enhanced overall efficiency and performance, while also offering significant benefits in energy saving and portability.

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