BLDC Ceiling Fan Magnet | Bonded Ferrite Magnets

Introduction of ceiling fan magnets

BLDC ceiling fan magnets can be bonded ferrite magnets with multipole (e.g. 16 poles inside) or sintered ferrite magnets in segment  shape injected molded with plastic. Bonded ferrite magnets in ring shape are characterized by its good mechanical strength and easiness for installation and have gained popularity in many developing countries.

ceiling fan magnet ring
ceiling fan magnet ring
bonded ferrite magnets

Magnetization of ceiling fan magnets

Fan magnets made of bonded ferrite magnet materials are magnetized in multipoles. The flux density in the inner diameter is related to the wall thickness and pole numbers. The more poles it has, the high flux density. The bigger the wall thickness, the higher the flux density. At Tengye Magnetic, we are capable of manufacturing ceiling fan magnets with skew magnetization, which offers smoother motion and low noise during motor operation. 

Size and dimension of ceiling fan magnets

The most common size of ceiling fan magnets is similar to OD152.4x ID133.5xH24. Difference in OD and ID will result in problems in installation. At Tengye Magnetic, the molds invested by our customers are kept as confidential information and for the specific customer use only. A ceiling fan magnet project requires mold investment by our customer, which can range from 3500 to 6000 USD

About Tengye: Tengye supplies finest permanent magnetic materials and assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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