Ceramic Round Base Magnet

Ceramic round base magnet is made of a steel housing and a ceramic ring magnet. The steel housing can increase the pull force by redirecting the magnetic flux and increase the magnetic flux density. RB-magnet is also called pot magnet.

ceramic round base magnet assembly
RB-80 assembly

Ceramic Round Base Magnet

Tengye Magnetic supplies the following ceramic RB magnet assemblies with large quantity. We can make custom inner diameter (I.D.) to meet your exact specifications. Besides, we can also make custom RB magnet assemblies to meet your exact requirements.

Item No.O.D.ThicknessPull Force
RB-201.205″0.188″5 lbs
RB-401.415″0.260″14 lbs
RB-502.030″0.300″33 lbs
RB-602.375″0.350″48 lbs
RB-702.625″0.375″75 lbs
RB-803.200″0.415″100 lbs 
RB-853.870″0.510″110 lbs

Ceramic RB-80 assembly

About us: Tengye Magnetic supplies finest permanent magnets and custom magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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