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Navigating Magnet Grades: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Selection


In the diverse world of magnets, selecting the correct magnet grade for your specific application is a crucial decision. With a myriad of magnet grades available, each possessing distinct properties, the process of making the right choice can be daunting. This comprehensive article offers you a detailed roadmap to successfully choose the right magnets for your applications.

Understanding Magnet Grades

Magnet grades, often designated by alphanumeric codes, signify the material composition and performance characteristics of a magnet. These codes provide valuable information about the magnet’s strength, temperature resistance, and other critical attributes.


magnet grade

Factors Influencing Magnet Grade Selection

Magnetic Strength:
The most fundamental aspect is the magnet’s strength, commonly measured as the Maximum Energy Product (BHmax). Consider the required pulling force and holding capacity for your application.

Operating Temperature:
Some magnet grades maintain their performance at higher temperatures, making them suitable for environments with heat fluctuations. Others may experience loss of strength or demagnetization under elevated temperatures.

Corrosion Resistance:
Depending on the operating environment, you might need a magnet that resists corrosion caused by moisture or chemicals. Magnet grades with protective coatings or specific material compositions offer varying degrees of corrosion resistance.

Mechanical Properties:
In applications where magnets will be subjected to mechanical stress or impact, you’ll want a grade that can withstand these forces without becoming brittle or fractured.

Cost Considerations:
Different magnet grades vary in cost due to factors like material availability and manufacturing complexity. Balancing performance with budget is essential.

Magnetic Orientation:
Certain applications require magnets to be oriented in a particular direction during manufacturing. Choose a magnet grade that allows for the desired magnetic orientation.

Common Magnet Grade Categories

Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB):
These high-performance magnets offer exceptional strength but may be vulnerable to corrosion. Choose from different grades (e.g., N35, N52) based on your specific requirements.

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo):
SmCo magnets boast high-temperature resistance and excellent stability. They’re suitable for applications exposed to extreme heat.

Alnico magnets have good temperature stability and mechanical durability. They are less powerful than NdFeB magnets but excel in specific applications.

Ferrite (Ceramic):
Ferrite magnets are cost-effective and have good corrosion resistance. They’re commonly used in various industrial and consumer applications.

Step-by-Step Magnet Grade Selection Process

Define Your Application Requirements:
Determine the required magnetic strength, operating temperature range, corrosion resistance, and any mechanical stress the magnet will face.

Consult Magnet Grade Charts:
Refer to manufacturer-provided charts detailing the characteristics of different magnet grades. Pay attention to BHmax values, temperature coefficients, and other relevant data.

Consider Material Composition:
Research the composition of different magnet grades and how it aligns with your application’s demands.

Factor in Cost and Availability:
Evaluate whether the chosen grade aligns with your budget and can be easily sourced in the required quantities.

Review Application-Specific Factors:
Analyze any additional requirements like magnetic orientation, size constraints, and potential interaction with other components.


Choosing the right magnet grade involves a careful balance between performance, application requirements, and budget considerations. By knowing the nuances of different magnets and following a systematic selection process, you could find the magnet that will optimize your application’s functionality and efficiency. Remember, magnet experts and manufacturers can provide valuable insights tailored to your unique needs.

At Tengye, we’re thrilled to be early participants in your new projects. Our passion for magnets extends from material selection and design optimization to providing magnetic solutions. We hope to bring our knowledge and experience to the forefront by actively engaging in your upcoming projects.

Whether you know exactly which types of magnet you need or are not sure now, Tengye is always here to help. Fill out the form and work with our experts to solve the problems you are facing now.

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