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          We supply NdFeB and SmCo magnets. What makes us special is our preference for working with specially shaped magnets or magnets with unique magnetization patterns and requirements.

          We do a lot of prototyping for engineers in large corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies.

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          We bring your complex magnetic system designs to life with our expertise in assembling permanent magnets and our mechanical design capabilities.

          We have manufactured advanced magnetic assemblies for a wide range of industries, including medical, electrical, aerospace, electronics, oil and gas, and more.

        • Magnets frequently come assembled with metal or plastic components. By offering these products together, we can streamline your process and save you valuable time.

          As a comprehensive magnet system solutions provider, we not only supply CNC precision machining parts, cast metals, and stamped metal parts but also specialize in designing and manufacturing plastic molds. 

          This extensive range of capabilities enhances our ability to support your product development needs more effectively.

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Cow Magnets | Magnetic Product Import from China

What are cow magnets?

Cow magnets are also known as rumen magnets. They are used in the rumen of a cow. Farmers use it to prevent hardware disease of their cows. Cows “eat” the magnets to keep themselves healthy so that they can be more productive at generating milk. The practice of farmers feeding magnets to their cows has been around for decades. The demand for this type of magnets are huge in agriculturally developed countries.

different cow magnets

A  dairy farmer or rancher feeds a magnet with tubethe magnet stays in the rumen or reticulum and remains inside for the lifetime of the animal. The magnet is administered after fasting the cow for around 20 hours. Generally, this is done to the entire herd before the age of one because this will be the most effective.

Three types of rumen magnets

Three types of magnets made of different permanent magnet materials are available in the market. 1) Ferrite cow magnets 2) Neodymium cow magnets 2) AlNiCo cow magnets. Cow magnets with different permanent magnet materials have their own versions. At Tengye, we supply all three types of magnets. We supply over 50% of the magnets to the USA, 30% to Europe and the rest to to Japan and New Zealand.

Ferrite magnet (also known as ceramic magnet) is made of strontium iron oxide (SrFe12O19), which is the cheapest version of rumen magnets. AlNiCo magnet is made of aluminum, nickel and cobalt, while neodymium magnet made of neodymium iron boron. It is also the most powerful but much more expensive magnet. Recently the price surge of neodymium raw material has caused many buyer to switch to Ferrite or AlNiCo types.
ceramic cow magnets
Alnico Cow Magnets

Packaging of cow magnets

cow magnets packaging

About Tengye: Tengye supplies finest permanent magnet materials and magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production.

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