With the growing number of overseas customers and magnet export business, we decided to separate export business from domestic magnet business from 2022. Therefore, we signed a software deal respectively with FumaSoft and Tencent Cloud to better manage the customer relationship.

FumaSoft is one of the leading export CRM software provider in Shanghai. Tencent Could is the counterpart of Alibaba Cloud.

Our company – Hangzhou Tengye Magnetic Materials was born in 2006 as a permanent magnet manufacturer only active in the domestic market. In 2020, we established our international sales department in order to work more closely with international customers. Today, we took a step forward to make the business process more efficient by introducing professional export CRM system.

The CRM implementation is not only necessary for the current overseas business situation, but it’s an important step Tengye must take to prepare for more magnet business with international customers in the years to come.

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