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Holding Magnets | Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic assemblies are finished or semi-finished products composed of one or more permanent magnets and other non-magnetic parts. The non-magnetic parts can be steel or plastic. The magnets and non-magnetic parts are often combined through adhesives. Magnetic assemblies are designed to achieve a certain function that a stand-alone magnet cannot achieve. Basically, magnetic assemblies can enhance the magnetic strength by redirecting the magnetic flux and at the same time provide good protection for the fragile magnets. The non-magnetic parts can also act as a mounting for the magnets. Common magnetic assemblies include pot magnets, rubber coated magnets, shuttering magnets, etc.

While a lot of magnetic assemblies (such as pot magnets) are specifically designed to achieve a higher magnetic strength and thus greater holding force, they are, from the perspective of end users, still considered a simple holding magnet.

pot magnet
pot magnet assembly
custom magnetic assemblies
halbach array
rotor magnet assembly
rotor magnet assembly
magnetic linear motor
magnetic linear motor

Value-adding | Custom Magnetic Assemblies

Basically, the magnetic fields generated by a magnet are either utilized for holding purpose or converting electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. In addition to holding magnet assemblies, Tengye Magnetic specializes in the manufacture of rotor and stator magnetic assemblies. 

Take a motor company for example, mounting magnetized magnets onto the rotor or stator is challenging due to the powerful magnetic force. We are experienced in delivering stator and rotor magnet assemblies made of different permanent magnetic materials. We even have solutions for the reduction of eddy current loss in permanent magnet motors by using laminated magnets. Our rapid prototyping and cost-effective mass production for custom magnetic assemblies are highly recognized in the industry. 

Assemblies using Hitachi licensed NdFeB magnets

To avoid future potential litigation, companies who sell their products containing NdFeB magnets to North America or Japan usually require Hitachi licensed neodymium magnets to be used in their assemblies. In China, there are eight Hitachi authorized NdFeB manufacturers in total. Our strategic partnership with some of these authorized NdFeB manufacturers allows us to source licensed magnets flexibly even with low volume and sell magnetic assemblies compliant with the local law. 

About Tengye: Tengye Magnetic supplies finest permanent magnets and custom magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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