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FAQ: Polar-Anisotropic Ring Magnet

Can you tell us the highest grade of material we can produce for multipolar orientation magnets?

Currently, the highest-grade material we use to manufacture polar-anisotropic ring magnets are N45 for UH and N48 for SH. The reason that we can’t push higher is because this type of magnet is not suitable for grain boundary diffusion (GBD).

How many pole pairs are you able to manufacture?   

4-pole designs are commonly used for high-speed applications, while for high-torque applications, we have successfully produced 28-pole designs for OD ranging from 32 to 35 mm. The rule-of-thumb for determining the pole count and diameter of a polar-anisotropic ring magnet is that the ratio of pole pitch to wall thickness should be equal to or greater than 1.5. 

What is the min and max OD respective ID you can manufacture?

The smallest polar-anisotropic ring magnet we’ve successfully manufactured – OD 4.5 mm, ID 2 mm, H 15 mm, 4-pole. We are currently developing a larger model with over 100 mm OD and more than 50 poles. However, we are still facing challenges in achieving satisfactory flux density and determining its feasibility for mass production. We are facing similar issues with another magnet model with an approximate OD of 60 mm.

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