Flexible Magnet: Rubber Magnets

Introduction of flexible magnets

Flexible magnets are also called rubber magnets, which are made of rubber and magnetic powder. They come in sheets and strips, in a variety of precut and custom sizes. Flexible magnets are widely used in the commercial world.


flexible magnet sheet
plain magnetic sheet
adhesive magnetic sheet
adhesive magnetic sheet
magnetic strip
magnetic strip

Magnetic Receptive Sheet: ferrous sheet

Magnetic sheets and strips are also used together with magnetic receptive sheet, which is not a magnet itself. Magnetic receptive sheet is made with a high concentration of iron so it attracts all types of magnets, including magnetic sheets and strip, as well as ceramic and neodymium magnets.

Application of flexible magnets

  • Display advertising – fast fix and fast removal at exhibitions and events
  • Vehicle signs – driving school panels and company logos, which can be removed easily when it is not required to display them
  • Warehouse stock location labelling
  • Crafts, toy, puzzle and games making
  • Surface masking for painting applications
  • Window and door seals including secondary glazing and bug screens
  • Calendars and magnetic bookmarks
  • Business cards, promotional/novelty items and packaging
  • Photocopier scraping blades
  • Door & Cupboard closures

About Tengye: Tengye Magnetic supplies finest permanent magnet materials and custom magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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