• Magnets

          We supply NdFeB and SmCo magnets. What makes us special is our preference for working with specially shaped magnets or magnets with unique magnetization patterns and requirements.

          We do a lot of prototyping for engineers in large corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies.

          Advanced Magnetic Assemblies

          We bring your complex magnetic system designs to life with our expertise in assembling permanent magnets and our mechanical design capabilities.

          We have manufactured advanced magnetic assemblies for a wide range of industries, including medical, electrical, aerospace, electronics, oil and gas, and more.

        • Magnets frequently come assembled with metal or plastic components. By offering these products together, we can streamline your process and save you valuable time.

          As a comprehensive magnet system solutions provider, we not only supply CNC precision machining parts, cast metals, and stamped metal parts but also specialize in designing and manufacturing plastic molds. 

          This extensive range of capabilities enhances our ability to support your product development needs more effectively.

          Metal Part Manufacturing
          Custom Metal Parts
          Custom Mold-Making
          Custom Plastic Parts
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From Pursuing to Attracting

If you are reading this, it means that the effort I have put into content marketing over the years has paid off. Previously, we had no customers coming to us; we always had to chase potential clients. It’s challenging to demonstrate our capabilities and deliver value to the market when there aren’t customers coming to us who need exactly what we can offer.

Initial Launch of the Website

In November 2021, I launched this website with the hope of increasing Tengye’s visibility outside of China. I began sharing my knowledge about magnets to boost website traffic and simultaneously provide value to engineers and buyers.

We Attracted Unexpected Potential Customers

After two years, we have attracted many prestigious companies for their new projects that require magnets, magnet assemblies, or magnet solutions. Some of these companies are even listed on NASDAQ—organizations we never imagined we’d work with.

We’ve now become accustomed to holding weekly online meetings with customer engineers and engaging in endless technical discussions about magnetic parts.

having online meeting with customer
Online Meeting
discussing design issue with customer
Design Issue Discussion

Attract Not Pursue

There are many benefits to letting those in need contact us proactively. For example, we do not require a large sales team; instead, we can concentrate our energy on servicing existing customers and enhancing our technical capabilities.

Additionally, we no longer actively seek out potential customers for two reasons: 1) When we reach out to potential clients, it may not be the time they need assistance with magnets; 2) we are often fully engaged with projects generated through leads from our website, leaving us no time to proactively pursue new clients.

Filtering Inquiries for Optimal Magnet Projects

We are always excited about new contacts from our website who reach out regarding new projects. In these cases, we filter inquiries to select those that are serious and genuine. After initial contact, we ensure they are a good match for our capabilities.

We attract; we don’t pursue. Instead, we focus on developing better magnet solutions and elevating our professionalism and responsiveness once we begin working with you.

We filter inquiries because we want to focus our valuable yet limited time and energy on projects that are a good fit for our capabilities and on customers who have sufficient budgets.

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