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Crafting Halbach Arrays for Peak Performance Magnetic Systems

Discover our exceptional manufacturing capabilities as we delve into the intricacies of crafting Halbach Arrays, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in a variety of advanced magnetic systems applications.

Introduction of Halbach Array

Halbach array is a special arrangement of permanent magnets which enhances the magnetic field on one side while weakening on the other side. The principle was first invented by James (Jim) M. Winey at Magnepan in 1970.

However, it was Klaus Halbach (a German) who designed the Halbach while he was at Berkeley Lab. Although Mr Halbach is very successful as a particle accelerator designer, he is best known for his work on magnetic systems for particle accelerators. During the 1980s, he invented this special magnet arrangement which was used to focus electron beams of accelerators.

Klaus Halbach image

Applications of Halbach Array Assemblies

Halbach assemblies have been extensively used in various industries, thanks to their unique magnetic field properties that enhance their performance capabilities. Examples include:

Synchrotron Light Source: Halbach arrays are used in synchrotron light sources to generate highly focused and intense magnetic fields. These fields are essential for bending the paths of charged particles, which then emit synchrotron light. The precise control over the magnetic fields provided by Halbach arrays optimizes the generation of high-intensity synchrotron light used for various scientific and medical research applications.

Synchrotron Radiation: In the production of synchrotron radiation, Halbach arrays are employed to create the required magnetic environments that accelerate particles to high speeds. The efficient and uniform magnetic fields generated by these arrays cause the particles to emit radiation as they spiral through the magnetic field, producing valuable synchrotron radiation for a wide range of analytical techniques.

Accelerator: Within particle accelerators, Halbach arrays serve to focus and guide particle beams. Their ability to generate strong, homogeneous magnetic fields with minimal stray fields makes them ideal for use in components like undulators and wigglers, which are crucial for controlling particle trajectories with high precision in accelerator systems.

Flywheel Energy Storage: In flywheel energy storage systems, Halbach arrays are used to enhance the efficiency and performance of the system. By concentrating the magnetic field on one side of the array and minimizing it on the other, Halbach arrays reduce energy losses and improve the overall energy storage capacity and retrieval efficiency of flywheel systems.

Superconducting Magnetic Bearing: Superconducting magnetic bearings** utilize Halbach arrays to achieve stable, frictionless levitation of rotors. The strong and well-defined magnetic fields created by Halbach arrays improve the stability and efficiency of these bearings, making them ideal for applications requiring minimal friction and high precision, such as in advanced energy storage and transportation systems.

Passive Magnetic Bearing: For passive magnetic bearings, Halbach arrays provide the necessary magnetic fields to support and stabilize rotating shafts without physical contact. This results in reduced maintenance needs and increased efficiency for various mechanical systems, including those in industrial machinery and flywheel energy storage systems.

Ensuring Compliance: Halbach Assemblies with Hitachi Licensed Magnets

To circumvent potential legal disputes, companies selling products containing NdFeB magnets in North America or Japan typically mandate the use of Hitachi licensed neodymium magnets in their assemblies. In China, there are a total of Hitachi authorized NdFeB manufacturers. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with some of these authorized manufacturers, we can efficiently source licensed magnets, even in low volumes, and provide Halbach assemblies that comply with local regulations.

Customized Halbach Assemblies Crafted at Tengye Magnetic

Engineers frequently require more intricate designs for circular Halbach assemblies, resulting in the majority of Halbach arrays being custom-made according to the client’s specifications. At Tengye, we have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing Halbach assemblies with aluminum or copper casings using NdFeB or Samarium-Cobalt. With two decades of expertise under our belt, we possess the knowledge and skills to assemble magnets with precision and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning how we can assist with modeling and simulation for your Halbach design, please refer to our US company website: MagnetPeak – Halbach Array Magnetic Assembly.

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