Heavy Duty Magnet with Eyelet

Pot magnet with eyelet

The eyelet on this pot magnet ensures a very secure fastening. The full adhesive force is achieved when the ferromagnetic counterpart is smooth and of sufficient thickness and when the pot magnet makes direct and full flush contact. Pot magnets already lose much of their holding force at a distance of only half a millimeter to the ferromagnetic surface. This characteristic is more pronounced in pot magnets than in other ferrite and neodymium magnets.

ArticleDdH1H2H3MMagnetPull StrengthShear forceWeight
OTN-1616.0 mm6.0 mm4.5 mm11.5 mm27.0mmM4N388 kg1.6 kg10 g
OTNW-1616.3 mm6.3 mm4.8 mm11.8 mm27.3 mmM4N386 kg1.2 kg11 g
OTN-2525.5 mm8.0 mm7.0 mm14.0mm30.0 mmM4N3818 kg3.6 kg29 g
OTNW-2525.3 mm8.3 mm7.3 mm14.3 mm30.3 mmM4N3816 kg3.2 kg30 g
OTN-3232.0 mm10.0 mm7.0 mm15.5 mm45.0 mmM5N3830 kg6 kg53 g
OTNW-3232.3 mm10.3 mm7.3 mm15.8 mm45.3 mmM5N3828 kg5.6 kg56 g
OTN-4040.0 mm15.0 mm9.0 mm18.0 mm59.0 mmM6N3855 kg11 kg110 g
OTNW-4040.3 mm15.3 mm9.3 mm18.3 mm59.3 mmM6N3850 kg10 kg120 g
pot magnet with eyelet
pot magnet with eyelet
pot magnet with eyelet

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