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          We bring your complex magnetic system designs to life with our expertise in assembling permanent magnets and our mechanical design capabilities.

          We have manufactured advanced magnetic assemblies for a wide range of industries, including medical, electrical, aerospace, electronics, oil and gas, and more.

        • Magnets frequently come assembled with metal or plastic components. By offering these products together, we can streamline your process and save you valuable time.

          As a comprehensive magnet system solutions provider, we not only supply CNC precision machining parts, cast metals, and stamped metal parts but also specialize in designing and manufacturing plastic molds. 

          This extensive range of capabilities enhances our ability to support your product development needs more effectively.

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Heavy Duty Pot Magnet with Hook: Securely Hold Your Tools and Equipment

Our pot magnets with hooks are the perfect solution for organizing and securing your tools and equipment. With a powerful magnetic pull force and a sturdy hook, these heavy-duty magnets are capable of holding even the heaviest items. Whether you need to hang your wrenches, pliers, or other tools, our magnets with hooks will keep them safely in place. With their durable construction and versatile design, these magnets are a must-have for any workshop, garage, or industrial setting.

Pot magnet with hook

This strong magnetic hook multiple color coatings. The coating is applied through an electrostatic process and is free of harmful substances. Thanks to its color, the magnetic hook is inconspicuous when mounted on dark surfaces. The full holding force is achieved when the ferromagnetic counterpart is smooth and of sufficient thickness and when the pot magnet makes direct and full flush contact. Pot magnets already lose much of their holding force at a distance of only half a millimeter to the ferromagnetic surface. This characteristic is more pronounced in pot magnets than in other ferrite and neodymium magnets.

Article IDDdH1H2H3MMagnetPull StrengthShear forceWeight
FTN-1010.0 mm5.0 mm4.5 mm11.5 mm26 mmM3N383 kg600 g5 g
FTN-1313.0 mm5.0 mm4.5 mm11.5 mm26 mmM3N385 kg1 kg6.5 g
FTN-1616.0 mm6.0 mm4.5 mm11.5 mm27 mmM4N388 kg1.6 kg11 g
FTNW-1616.3 mm6.3 mm4.8 mm11.8 mm27.3 mmM4N386 kg1.2 kg11 g
FTNB-1616.3 mm6.3 mm4.8 mm11.8 mm27.3 mmM4N386 kg1.2 kg11 g
FTNG-16 16.3 mm6.3 mm4.8 mm11.8 mm27.3 mmM4N386 kg1.2 kg11 g
FTN-2020.0 mm8.0 mm6.0 mm13 mm29.0 mmM4N3813 kg2.5 kg20 g
FTNB-2020.3 mm8.3 mm6.3 mm13.3 mm29.3 mmM4N3813 kg2.5 kg20 g
FTNG-20 20.3 mm8.3 mm6.3 mm13.3 mm29.3 mmM4N3813 kg2.5 kg20 g
FTN-2525.0 mm8.0 mm7.0 mm14 mm30.0 mmM4N3818 kg3.6 kg30 g
FTNW-2525.3 mm8.3 mm7.3 mm14.3 mm30.3 mmM4N3816 kg3.2 kg29 g
FTNB-2525.3 mm8.3 mm7.3 mm14.3 mm30.3 mmM4N3816 kg3.2 kg29 g
FTNG-2525.3 mm8.3 mm7.3 mm14.3 mm30.3 mmM4N3816 kg3.2 kg29 g
pot magnet with hook
heavy duty magnet with hook
heavy duty magnets with hook (black)

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