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Heavy Duty Pot Magnet with Counterbore Hole

Our high-performance heavy-duty pot magnet with counterbore is engineered to provide superior holding power and reliability for your equipment. With a powerful magnetic force and a precision-machined counterbore, this magnet offers a secure and stable hold for even the heaviest and most sensitive equipment. Its advanced design also ensures resistance to shear forces and prevents slippage, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial and commercial environments. The durable construction of the pot magnet with counterbore guarantees long-lasting performance and versatility, and it can be easily installed in a wide range of applications.

Article IDDHd1d2Depth tStrengthDisplacement forceCoatingMax. working temp.Weight
ZNT-1616 mm5 mm3.5 mm6.5 mm3.8 mm4 kg800 gNickel80°C6 g
ZNT-2020 mm7 mm4.5 mm8 mm5.5 mm6 kg1.2 kgNickel80°C12 g
ZNT-2525 mm8 mm5.5 mm9 mm6 mm14 kg2.8 kgNickel80°C23 g
ZNT-3232 mm8 mm5.5 mm9 mm5.5 mm23 kg4.6 kgNickel80°C36 g
ZNT-4242 mm9 mm6.5 mm11 mm6 mm32 kg6.4 kgNickel80°C73 g
ZNT-4848 mm11.5 mm8.5 mm15 mm8.5 mm63 kg13 kgNickel80°C110 g
ZNT-6060 mm15 mm8.5 mm15 mm11.5 mm95 kg19 kgNickel80°C240 g
pot magnet with counterbore hole
7911681155646 .pic
pot magnet with counterbore hole

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