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Injection Molded Bonded Ferrite Magnet Rotor Assembly

Injection molded bonded ferrite magnets have gained popularity thanks to its lower cost, flexibility in magnetization and easy assembly process.

Injection molded ferrite magnet rotor assembly

Conventional magnetic rotors are composed of a shaft and individual magnets arranged in N-S-N-S configuration. The magnets come in either arc segment or rectangular shapes. The magnets are mostly surface-mounted using adhesive. An injection molded bonded ferrite magnet, which often come in ring shape, are directly overmolded on the shaft. The ring magnet is multipole-magneitized in the mold. This process greatly increased the assembly efficiency.

injection molded bonded ferrite magnet rotor
automotive exhaust valve control rotor

Magnetization patterns of injection molded ferrite magnets

Injection molded ferrite magnets are mostly in ring shape. They are either used in rotor assemblies or as magnetic sensors. The magnetization is often multi-pole.

axially multi-pole magnetization
multipole magnetization on inner diameter
multipole magnetization on outer diameter
complex multipole magnetization
multipole skew magnetization

Application markets of injection molded bonded magnet rotor

The injection molded bonded ferrite magnet rotor has made significant strides in recent years, carving out a substantial niche in various application markets. These high-performance, versatile rotors are ideal for industries seeking compact, lightweight, and cost-effective solutions. Prominent application markets include automotive, consumer electronics, and renewable energy. In the automotive industry, injection molded bonded magnet rotors are utilized in electric power steering systems, fuel pumps, and sensors. Consumer electronics benefit from the rotors’ miniaturization capabilities, making them suitable for hard disk drives, vibration motors, and actuator components. Furthermore, the renewable energy sector employs these rotors in wind turbines and solar tracking systems, contributing to the global transition towards sustainable energy sources. The injection molded bonded magnet rotor’s unique properties and design flexibility continue to drive its growth in these and other emerging markets, making it a crucial component in modern technologies.

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