Injection Molded Magnets | Polymer Bonded Magnets

Injection molded magnets are polymer bonded magnets. They are made of a combination of the following materials:

Applications of injection molded magnets

Generally, injection molded bonded magnets are used in either domestic appliances or automotive application. Injection molded magnets are characterized by flexible shape and magnetization pattern. They have the function either as drives or sensors.

Applications of injection molded bonded magnets include BLDC motors, PMDC Motors, Stepper Motors, Synchronous Motors, Dash Board Gauges. instrument panel, speed sensors, position sensors, flow meters, torque motors, magnetic couplings, HVAC motors, roll over sensors, water pumps, BLDC motor feedback sensors, water meters, EGR sensor, throttle position sensor, turbo actuator sensor, pneumatic cylinder sensor, timer magnets, level gauges, fuel filters, rotors for copiers

Domestic Appliances that use injection molded bonded magnets

injection molded magnet for water heater drain pump
water heater drain pump
bonded magnet for BLDC motors
BLDC motor
bonded magnet for coffee machine motors
coffee machine motors
magnet for air condition motor
air condition motor
injection molded magnets for refrigerator defrosting fan-BLDC motor
refrigerator defrosting BLDC motor
injection molded magnet for vacuum cleaner robot DC motor
vacuum cleaner robot DC motor
kitchen exhaust fan motor
kitchen exhaust fan motor
motor for electronic expansion valve
motor for electronic expansion valve
motor for electric tools
draining pump of washing machine
draining pump of washing machine
motor for electric tools
motor for electric tools

About Tengye: Tengye Magnetic supplies finest permanent magnet materials and custom magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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