Tesla Meter [Kanetec Model TM-801EXP]

Tesla meter is also called Gauss meter. It is a handy device to measure the magnetic flux density. KANETEC is the internationally recognized brand of Tesla meter. From the user’s point of view, this meter is designed for easy use by anyone by incorporating frequently used functions only. The external output terminal is also provided to enable digital or analog outputs. Further, the probe has been made smaller for measurement in smaller space. Tengye Magnetic distributes KANETEC TM-801EXP Tesla meter for your customers. The standard price is $995 not including international shipping cost.

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feature of 801EXP tesla meter

Features of TM-801EXP Tesla meter

● A wide measuring range from 0 to 3000 mT. (DC)
● In addition to DC magnetic flux density, AC magnetic flux density can be measured.
● The high resolution measuring mode ensures highly accurate measurement.
(Resolution 0.01 mT = 0.1 G)
● The use of sheet keys ensures high dustproof performance.
● The auto power off function prevents useless consumption of the battery.


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