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Laminated Magnet | High Performance Motor’s Favoriate

Whats is Laminated Magnet?

Laminated magnets are composd of multiple individual permanent magnets bonded and insulated with glue. This magnet segmentation technology is to divide NdFeB or Sm2Co17 blocks into multiple pieces and laminate them with insulation glue between each another. After that, the laminated block is grounded into final shape.

This special motor magnet is developed primarily to bring down eddy current loss in electric machines that cause loss in efficiency because of heat generated in the magnetic circuit.

eddy current density distribution in the magnet   eddy current loss density distribution in the magnets   eddy current loss in the magnet

Laminated magnet is an ideal solution for those electric motor makers looking to improve motor efficiency by changing permanent magnet motor materials. The magnet lamination has been an increasing trend for tech companies in aerospace, motorsport, automotive, home appliance, etc.

arc laminated magnets   laminated magnets

More Technical Infomration on Laminated Magnets

  • With insulation gluing technology, individual magnets are insulated from each various other;
  • Density of protecting layers is within 0.04 mm
  • Bond stamina of insulating layers can reach more than 50mpa at room temperature
  • Maximum operating temperature can reach 200 ℃
  • Dimensional tolerance for laminated magnet is within ± 0.5mm
  • Laminated magnets are available in both Sm2Co17 and NdFeB magnets

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