Let’s talk about “magnet quality”

Magnetic properties, dimensional tolerances and appearance are three aspects of inspecting the quality of a magnet.

Though it is correct to say “Never judge a book by its cover”, magnet buyers always form their first impression of the magnet quality by its appearance (or surface quality).

What we suggest is, neither should we stop being doubtful about the magnet quality merely by its good appearance nor should we think negatively about the magnet quality by its flawed surface. Because the essence of magnet quality lies in the question: does the magnet work well in my application?

An N52 magnet with minor surface flaw may be superior in its power and perfect in its size, but if it’s used for decoration purpose, the negligible flaw can be unfairly but understandably considered as bad quality.

If you are one of those magnet buyers. What do you have to say about “magnet quality”?

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