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Linear Motor Magnet Track

A linear motor features copious neodymium magnets in its stationary part, also known as permanent magnet track. This linear motor magnet track usually come in both U-channel and planar forms. Basically, magnet tracks are straightened or unrolled version of a common rotary permanent magnet stator. 

Nearly all direct drive linear motors in commerical applications use sintered neodymium magnets thanks to their high flux density.

principle of liner motor magnet track

U-channel & Planar linear motor magnet track

U-shaped linear motor magnet track
U-shaped linear motor magnet track
linear motor magnet track with stainless steel magnet cover
track with stainless steel magnet cover
linear motor magnet track
planar magnet track

Applications of direct drive linear motor magnet track

  • Semiconductor industry
  • FPD industry
  • CNC machine
  • Maglev (magnetic levitation), etc.

Using licensed NdFeB magnet in linear motor stationary assembly

To avoid future potential litigation, companies who sell their products containing NdFeB magnets to North America or Japan usually require Hitachi licensed neodymium magnets to be used in their assemblies. In China, there are eight Hitachi authorized NdFeB manufacturers in total. Our strategic partnership with some of these authorized NdFeB manufacturers allows us to source licensed magnets flexibly even in low volume and sell magnetic assemblies compliant with the local law. 

About Tengye: Tengye supplies finest permanent magnet materials and magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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