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Neodymium Magnet Tracks: The Backbone of High-Performance Linear Motor Systems

Dive into the world of linear motor tracks, examining the crucial role of neodymium magnets in enhancing system performance, efficiency, and adaptability for various applications and industries.

Linear Motor Track with NdFeB Magnets

A linear motor track refers to the guideway or rail system used in conjunction with a linear motor, which is a type of electric motor that generates force in a straight line rather than rotational motion. Linear motors are designed to move a payload or object directly along a straight path without the need for mechanical components such as gears, belts, or pulleys, which are typically used in traditional rotary motors.

The linear motor track consists of a stationary part, known as the stator or primary, and a moving part called the slider or secondary. The stator contains electromagnets or permanent magnets, while the slider is usually equipped with magnetic materials or additional magnets (often NdFeB magnets). When electric current is supplied, it creates a magnetic field that interacts with the magnets on the slider, generating a linear force that propels the slider along the track.

linear motor principle

Magnetic Linear Guideway

Linear guideways are not inherently magnetic; they are mechanical components that use physical contact between the rail and the bearing to provide guidance and support. However, linear guideways can be used in conjunction with magnetic systems, such as linear motors or magnetic levitation (maglev) systems, to achieve non-contact or contactless motion.

magnetic linear guideway
U-shaped linear motor magnet track
linear motor magnet track with stainless steel magnet cover
track with stainless steel magnet cover
linear motor magnet track
planar magnet track

Application of Linear Motor Track

Linear motor tracks have numerous applications across various industries due to their high precision, speed, and low maintenance requirements. Some of the most common applications include:

Transportation Systems

Linear motor tracks are a key component of magnetic levitation (maglev) trains, which use magnetic forces to levitate and propel the train along the guideway. This technology allows for significantly higher speeds and reduced friction compared to traditional rail systems.

Industrial Automation

In manufacturing and assembly lines, linear motor tracks are used for automated material handling, pick-and-place operations, and conveyor systems. They provide rapid, precise, and efficient movement of components, contributing to improved productivity and reduced production costs.


Linear motor tracks are used in various robotic systems, such as robotic arms and gantry robots, to provide accurate positioning and high-speed motion for tasks like welding, painting, and assembly.

Precision Positioning Systems

Linear motor tracks are widely used in precision positioning systems for applications like semiconductor wafer processing, laser cutting and engraving, and flat panel display manufacturing. They offer accurate and repeatable motion control, which is crucial for these high-precision processes.

Medical Devices

In the medical field, linear motor tracks are employed in devices like medical imaging systems (e.g., MRI machines), surgical robots, and drug delivery systems, where precise and controlled motion is essential for patient safety and effective treatment.

Aerospace and Defense

Linear motor tracks can be found in various aerospace and defense applications, such as missile launchers, satellite positioning systems, and aircraft component testing.

Entertainment Sector

Linear motor tracks are used in amusement park rides, stage automation systems, and virtual reality simulators to provide smooth, rapid, and precise motion, enhancing the overall experience for users.

Using licensed NdFeB magnet in linear motor stationary assembly

To avoid future potential litigation, companies who sell their products containing NdFeB magnets to North America or Japan usually require Hitachi licensed neodymium magnets to be used in their assemblies. In China, there are eight Hitachi authorized NdFeB manufacturers in total. Our strategic partnership with some of these authorized NdFeB manufacturers allows us to source licensed magnets flexibly even in low volume and sell magnetic assemblies compliant with the local law. 

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