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Magic Single-Pole Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets

Magnets come in various shapes and sizes, each designed to serve a specific purpose. Among these, single-pole radially magnetized ring magnets stand out as fascinating and highly specialized magnetic devices. In this post, we’ll explore the unique properties and applications of these intriguing magnets.

single-pole radially magnetized ring magnets

Image Source: Advancedmagnets

The Specialties of Single-Pole Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets

Radially magnetized ring magnets are a distinct variation of permanent magnets. Unlike conventional ring magnets, which have a north and south pole on their flat surfaces, radially magnetized ring magnets possess a magnetic field that runs in a circular or radial pattern within the ring. These magnets are created by aligning magnetic domains in a radial configuration.

At first glance, this magnetic marvel might look like a standard ring magnet, but its uniqueness lies beneath the surface. Single-pole radially magnetized ring magnets are, as the name suggests, magnets with a sole magnetic pole on one of their flat surfaces. The opposite surface, in turn, becomes the pole’s counterpart. This distinctive single-pole configuration sets them apart and opens doors to a wide array of applications that would be challenging to achieve with conventional magnets.


mpcomagnetics 2 1

Image Source: Mpcomagnetics

Single-Pole Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets Applications

Its unique characteristic has several intriguing implications and applications:

Sensor Sensation: In the realm of sensors, these magnets simplify the design process. The single-pole configuration provides high sensitivity, making them ideal for applications like Hall effect sensors and proximity sensors. For instance, they are the backbone of contactless switches, which are widely used in automotive door handles and safety systems.

Precision Positioning: When it comes to precise positioning in rotary encoders, single-pole radially magnetized ring magnets shine. Their single-pole design allows for accurate and consistent feedback, crucial in applications requiring precision, such as robotics and automation. They are instrumental in ensuring precise control in CNC machines, where accurate positioning is vital for manufacturing processes.

Frictionless Coupling: Magnetic couplings benefit from the single-pole nature of these magnets. They facilitate contactless torque and position sensing, making them a key player in the field of robotics and automotive technology. In electric power steering systems, these magnets enable precise torque control, resulting in a smoother and safer driving experience.

Surgical Precision: In the medical field, where precision is a matter of life and death, these magnets find applications in MRI machines, ensuring the highest quality imaging, all thanks to their single-pole configuration. MRI machines utilize these magnets to create precise magnetic fields that generate detailed images of the human body, aiding in diagnosis and treatment.



Image Source: Mpcomagnetics

Specifications for Single-pole Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets

The specifications for single-pole radially magnetized ring magnets can vary significantly based on the specific application and design requirements. Here is a general range for these dimensions:

Outer Diameter (OD):
Minimum: A few millimeters (e.g., 2-3 mm)
Maximum: Several inches (e.g., up to 6 inches or more)

Inner Diameter (ID):
Minimum: Typically smaller than the OD, often a few millimeters (e.g., 1-2 mm)
Maximum: Varies based on the design, but it’s generally smaller than the OD.

Thickness (T):
Minimum: Fractions of a millimeter (e.g., 0.5 mm)
Maximum: Several millimeters or more (e.g., up to 10 mm or beyond)Working closely with clients, Tengye will manufacture specific single-pole radially magnetized ring magnets according to clients’ needs.


In conclusion

Single-pole radially magnetized ring magnets exemplify the intriguing interplay of science and engineering. Their unipolar nature unlocks a multitude of applications, advancing fields like sensing, automation, and medical diagnostics. As we look forward, these remarkable magnets are poised to lead the way in an era of precision and innovation.

At Tengye, we’re thrilled to be early participants in your new projects. Our passion for magnets extends from material selection and design optimization to providing magnetic solutions. We hope to bring our knowledge and experience to the forefront by actively engaging in your upcoming projects.


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