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Magic NdFeB Magnets’ Effect on Noise and Vibration Reduction of BLDC

In the world of electric motors, noise and vibration reduction of BLDC is very crucial. The clamor of machinery, the hum of appliances, and the vibrations of systems in operation often intrude upon our lives. If not tamed, the noise and vibration will disrupt tranquility and efficiency. That’s why neodymium magnets and Brushless DC (BLDC) motors emerge as a symphony of engineering prowess, reducing noise and vibration to a near-whisper.

Noise and Vibration Reduction of BLDC

Source Image: Nidec

The reasons for Noise and Vibration Produced by BLDC



Source Image: Thingap

Cogging Torque: Cogging torque is the result of magnetic attraction between the permanent magnets on the rotor and the stator’s teeth. It can lead to irregular motion and vibrations as the motor transitions from one pole to another.

Imbalanced Rotors: Any imbalance in the rotor’s weight distribution or manufacturing irregularities can lead to mechanical vibrations, resulting in increased noise.

Electromagnetic Forces: The interaction of the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets and the changing current in the stator windings can create electromagnetic forces that cause vibrations.

Harmonic Vibrations: When the motor operates at certain speeds, it may resonate with its mechanical components, leading to vibrations. These resonances can occur due to the motor’s design or external factors.


noise and vibration reduction of BLDC bearing friction

Source Image: Bearingtips

Bearing Friction: Friction in the motor’s bearings can generate noise and vibrations. High-quality, low-friction bearings can help reduce this source of noise.

Controller Operation: The control algorithm used in the BLDC motor driver can affect noise and vibration. Smooth and precise control algorithms can reduce audible noise and vibration.

PWM Control: Pulse-width modulation (PWM) control, used to regulate the motor’s speed and torque, can introduce harmonic vibrations at certain operating frequencies.

Stator Slot Design: The geometry and slot design of the stator can impact cogging torque and lead to vibrations. Optimizing the stator design can reduce these effects.

Commutation and current switching: The switching of current in the motor windings during commutation can lead to audible noise, especially if it occurs at a high frequency.

Load Imbalances: Irregular or unbalanced loads on the motor can introduce vibrations as the motor works to overcome the load.

NdFeB Magnets’ Role in the Noise and Vibration Reduction of BLDC

Neodymium magnets play a crucial role in reducing noise and vibration in Brushless DC (BLDC) motors through their impact on various aspects of motor performance.

Cogging Torque Reduction: Neodymium magnets provide a strong and consistent magnetic field, minimizing cogging torque—the irregular motion and vibration caused by magnetic attraction. This results in smoother motor operation and has an effect on noise and vibration reduction of BLDC.

Improved Efficiency: Neodymium magnets offer high magnetic strength, which allows the motor to operate more efficiently. Increased efficiency reduces the need for excessive force and motion, contributing to lower noise and vibrations.

Precise Control: Neodymium magnet-based BLDC motors can achieve precise control over rotor movement. This precision reduces sudden changes in speed or direction, which leads to noise and vibration reduction of BLDC.

Lower Eddy Currents: Neodymium magnets are known for their low electrical conductivity. This characteristic reduces eddy current losses in the motor’s core, which can generate vibrations and noise.

Enhanced Motor Power-to-Weight Ratio: Neodymium magnets are lightweight and offer high magnetic strength, resulting in a better power-to-weight ratio for BLDC motors. This lightweight design minimizes mechanical vibrations.

Reduced Motor Size: Neodymium magnets allow for the design of smaller and more compact BLDC motors with the same or higher power output. Smaller motors typically generate less noise and vibration.

Precision in Position Feedback: Neodymium magnet-based BLDC motors often incorporate advanced position feedback devices, such as encoders, which enhance control accuracy. This, in turn, leads to quieter and more stable motor operation.

Efficient Magnetic Design: The use of neodymium magnets allows for more efficient magnetic circuit design. This optimization minimizes magnetic losses and related vibrations.

Increased Torque Density: Neodymium magnets provide high torque density, meaning more torque is generated per unit of volume. This reduces the need for overloading the motor, which can create noise.

Balanced Mechanical Design: Neodymium magnet-based BLDC motors are typically designed with precise mechanical balancing to minimize vibrations associated with mechanical imbalances.

A recent study by the Acoustic Research Institute delves into the acoustic wonders of neodymium-enhanced BLDC motors. The research also reveals that the powerful magnetic field of neodymium magnets creates a unique synergy within the motor, significantly reducing vibration amplitudes and noise levels, and making them an ideal choice for sound-sensitive applications.

Renowned engineer, Dr. Isabella Langley, lauds the noise and vibration reduction of BLDC, noting, “The sheer strength of neodymium magnets allows for smoother motor operation, virtually eliminating vibrations and minimizing noise. This not only enhances the user experience but also extends the motor’s lifespan.”

Tengye: Solution Provider

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that match the unique needs of every client. Whether you require magnets for cutting-edge technologies, precision instruments, or specialized industrial applications, Tengye’s service is your answer.

With extensive knowledge and experience, we offer guidance on magnet selection, design optimization, and performance enhancement, ensuring that your projects benefit from Tengye’s service.

As a company, we understand that neodymium magnets are more than just products; they are enablers of innovation, efficiency, and excellence. Tengye takes pride in being your ally in realizing these aspirations, such as the noise and vibration reduction of BLDC.

In conclusion

In the quest for a quieter, more tranquil existence, neodymium magnets, with their unique ability to reduce noise and vibration, are our silent companions—reshaping industries, enhancing efficiency, and redefining quiet. Their influence will extend the boundary of  the noise and vibration reduction of BLDC

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