Magnetic Cable Holder: Pot Magnet + Plastic Clip

Magnetic cable holders are also known as magnetic cable organizers. They are generally made of a pot magnet and a plastic clip. The plastic clip is fixed on the back of the steel pot. The pot magnet provides strong holding force on ferromagnetic surface and the plastic part clips the cable wire.

Pot Magnet: key component of magnetic cable holder

A pot magnet is composed of a permanent magnet and a steel housing. The steel housing is ferromagnetic and guide the magnetic flux in a way that enhance the holding strength of the working surface. The holding strength of a pot magnet is multiple times stronger than a stand-alone magnet with the same size. The back of the pot magnet offers a variety of mounting options. A magnetic cable holder is one variations with plastic clip as an accessory.

pot magnet and plastic clip
Deisgned by MagDaddy

Application of magnetic cable holder

Magnetic cable holders cause no damage to the holding surface and can be taken off and placed on different positions repeatedly.  This makes them ideal for both home and industrial scenarios use. One of the important considerations when choosing a magnetic cable holder is the holding strength. A regular 23mm diameter pot magnet has a vertical holding strength of min. 110N, which is sufficient to most cable holding scenarios. Different magnetic holding cables are used in office, warehouse and production site, etc. 

magnetic cable holder
magnetic cable holder
magnetic cable wire holder

At Tengye Magnetic, we supply custom magnetic cable holders. We bring in-house manufactured neodymium magnets, stamped steel housing and plastic clip together.

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