Flexible Magnet - Magnetic Rubber Sheet (Magnetic Sheet Roll)

Introduction of magnetic rubber sheet (magnetic sheet roll)

Magnetic rubber sheets are also known as flexible magnetic sheet, magnetic sheet roll or simply magnet roll. It’s an important family member of flexible magnets. Tengye’s magnetic rubber sheet is a ferrite permanent magnet material, which can be single-side or double-side magnetized. Most commonly, magnetic rubber sheet is magnetized single sidedly with UV coating protection. It can be bonded to printed paper, plastic film, fabric and other materials. Flexible magnetic sheet is easy to post on iron plates or ferrous surface, and free to remove and replace. Flexible magnetic sheet is anti-rust and does not easily lose magnetism.

flexible magnet sheet
magnetic rubber sheet roll with UV coating
magnetic rubber sheets

Introduction of Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

We strictly select a lot of high quality adhesive materials, such as water-based, solvent-based and foam adhesive etc., and laminate them on Plain-Mag into Adhesive-Mag. Please let us know what kind of surface you want the adhesive to stick to (such as paper, plastic, metal, or wood) and the application (such as indoor or outdoor, normal temperature, high or low temperature) and we will provide more information and our recommendation on what type of adhesive is most suitable for your application.

adhesive magnetic sheet
magnetic adhesive sheets

More Solutions with magnetic rubber sheet

  • UV Coating Protection: UV coating is used to avoid the blocking or sticking issue inside of Plain-Mag rolls or stacks. We usually apply UV coating on the magnetized side. Both sides UV coating or UV on edges or no UV are available by customer’s request.
  • Back-print with Brand or Logo: The back printing on magnets is helpful to promote the brand and increase the recognition. Tengye has convenient printing equipment to provide highly cost-effective printing services.
  • Custom Magnetization: one-side magnetization, double-side magnetization, or no magnetization as requested. we can supply also the magnetizer equipment.
magnetic rubber sheet
magnetic rubber sheet

About Tengye: Tengye Magnetic supplies finest permanent magnet materials and custom magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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