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Micro Magnets

Definition of micro magnets

Micro magnets are also known as miniature magnets. Typically, permanent magnets with dimensions below one millimeter are referred to as micro permanent magnets. In may cases, a dimension below 0.50mm is required. They can be made from neodymium magnets N55 grade, Samarium-Cobalt, Alnico magnets and FeCrCo.

Among these permanent magnet materials, neodymium magnets are most preferred due to its superior magnetic performance. However, neodymium magnets are prone to corrosion and therefore surface coating is needed. One of the challenges of manufacturing micro neodymium magnets lies in surface coating. In medical applications, special coatings such as TiN, Au, Parylene, etc. are required. Samarium Cobalt magnets are characterized by its high temperature resistance and stability. AlNiCo magnets are often chosen for its temperature stability.

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micro magnets
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micro magnets
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Applications of micro magnets

  • Micro magnet application in cardiovascular medicine: In cardiovascular medicine, micro magnets are revolutionizing treatment. They enhance imaging precision, target therapies, manage clots, guide minimally invasive procedures, and offer innovative diagnostics. These tiny magnets are reshaping heart health, promising a brighter future for patients. 
  • Micro magnet application in sensors: They are used to detect and measure physical properties such as magnetic fields, temperature, pressure, and acceleration. In this article, we will talk about the applications of micro magnets in sensors.
  • Optical
  • Motors
  • Couplers
  • Connectors
  • Electroacoustic

Micro Magnetic Engineering

In the ever-shrinking world of technology, the need for components that match this trend is clear. Enter the field of micro magnetic engineering, a discipline dedicated to the design and implementation of minuscule magnetic materials in a variety of applications. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of micro magnetic engineering, specifically exploring the roles and uses of four types of permanent micro magnets: Sm2Co17, Neodymium N55, AlNiCo, and FeCrCo.

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