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Getting to Know Mounting Magnets: Your Practical Guide

Understanding Mounting Magnets

In practical applications, the use of mounting magnets, also commonly known as pot magnets, can be seen in many instances. These magnets have a simple yet effective design, with their working principle rooted in the basics of magnetic force.

A mounting magnet, or pot magnet, is essentially a permanent magnet enclosed within a durable steel shell. This casing not only protects the magnet from potential damage but also focuses the magnetic field on one side, hence increasing its strength.

mounting magnet with countersunk hole
mounting magnet with countersunk hole

Diverse Types of Mounting Magnets

When it comes to types of mounting magnets, the range is vast. Round based magnets are popular and come in several designs. These include those with a countersunk hole or counterbore hole, allowing for secure mounting using screws. They also come with male and female threads for easy attachment. Additionally, open hook, eye hook, and internal thread designs are available, providing versatile options for hanging or securing various items.

cross section view of countersunk hole mounting magnets
cross section view of countersunk hole mounting magnets

Tengye’s Mounting Magnet Offerings

Apart from the round variety, rectangular mounting magnets, also known as channel magnets, are quite common. They offer a different form factor for applications where a round magnet might not be the most effective.

Among the manufacturers of mounting magnets, Tengye stands out with their range of standard neodymium mounting magnets. They offer magnets in a variety of sizes, from an outer diameter (OD) of 0.625″ to 2.500″, making them a go-to choice for many seeking these products.

Customization with Tengye

But Tengye isn’t only about standard products. The company also excels in creating custom mounting magnets to meet specific customer requirements. This adaptability and commitment to meeting diverse needs are what set Tengye apart in the field of magnet manufacturing.


So, when you need a reliable and effective solution for mounting or hanging items, remember that the world of mounting magnets has got you covered. And with companies like Tengye, you can get the standard or custom magnet that best suits your needs.

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