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Definition of N42SH magnet

N42SH is one of the neodymium magnet grades. People call it N42SH neodymium magnet. N represents neodymium magnet. The numeric code – 42 means the magnet has a maximum energy of 42MGOe. The letter code – SH is the abbreviation of “super high”, which means the magnet can work at super high temperature.

N42SH magnet properties

Applications of N42SH

Neodymium N42SH magnets are often produced in block or arc segment shape because they are an ideal material grade for a variety of electric motors. This magnet grade is also an option for sensor applications where the sensor has to work at high temperature. Many other applications exist that are unknown to us as a magnet manufacturer. A common reason for choosing N42SH is that these applications require the magnet to be able to function in a high temperature environment.

Theoretically, the maximum working temperature of an “SH” grade magnet is 150℃. In real-world applications, however, the max. working temperature of a magnet depends on its length-to-diameter Ratio (L/D), coating thickness and other environmental factors. Designers should not apply 150℃ directly without considering other factors that affect the temperature resistance of magnets.

n42sh neodymium magnet

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