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N42UH Magnet: High-Temperature Performance and Applications in Demanding Industries

The N42UH magnet is a high-performance neodymium magnet known for its exceptional heat resistance, maintaining its magnetic properties in temperatures up to 180°C. This makes it ideal for demanding industrial applications, including electric motors, automotive components, and renewable energy systems, where stability and durability under extreme conditions are crucial.

What is an N42UH neodymium magnet

N42UH magnet belongs to sintered neodymium magnet. Magnets made of N42UH materials can withstand ultra high temperature. The theoretical operating temperature can reach 180℃. Applications of N42UH magnet include: electric motor, hall sensors, holding in high temperature, environment, etc.

Magnetic Properties of N42UH grade

Grade Br Hcj Hcb (BH)max Max. Tw
T kGs kA/m kOe kA/m kOe kJ/m3 MGOe
Max Min Max Min Min Min Min Min Max Min Max Min (L/D=0.7)
N42SHT 1.32 1.28 13.2 12.8 1751 22 971 12.2 342 318 43 40 160
N42UH 1.32 1.28 13.2 12.8 1990 25 971 12.2 342 318 43 40 180
N42VH 1.32 1.28 13.2 12.8 2149 27 971 12.2 342 318 43 40 190
N42UH magnet demagnetization curve
N42UH demagnetization curve

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