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N52 Magnets | Magnet Knowledge for Industrial Buyers

What's the meaning of N52 magnets?

N52 magnets are considered the strongest neodymium magnets. N52 is shorthand for Neodymium magnets with a maximum energy product or (BH)max of 52 MGOe. The maximum energy product of a magnet is measured in MGOe (Mega Gauss Oersteds). This is the major indicator of magnetic strength. Generally, the higher the (BH)max value, the greater the magnetic field a magnet will produce in a particular application. Although N55 magnet is also available nowadays, N52 magnet is still considered the strongest neodymium magnets for holding application.

N52 magnetic properties vs N54 and N50

GradeBrHcjHcj(BH)maxmax. Tw

To achieve the greatest magnetic strength possible, product designers would choose N52 neodymium magnets, which are more expensive than lower grades such as N45 or N35 magnet.

However, a N52 magnet looks exactly the same with other lower grade NdFeB magnets. And a lot of buyers are totally new to permanent magnets and don’t have tools necessary to inspect the magnetic properties of the magnet. It is therefore critical to choose a reliable magnet company (supplier) who values integrity. At Tengye, we keep authentic inspection reports and reference samples to make sure every batch of magnets is up to standard before shipping.

N52 BH curve demag curve
N52 BH curve
N52 magnet T-shaped disc magnets
T-shaped disc magnets
special-shaped neodymium magents
irregular neo magnets
N52 neodymium countersunk magnets
countersunk magnets
N52 bread shaped magnets
bread-shaped neo magnets

For the purpose of display, we listed a few different N52 magnets we’ve made, most of which are used in holding applications. The reason why designers prefer N52 is to achieve the greatest holding force. These N52 magnets play an important role in consumer goods, automotive interiors, furniture, machines and so on.

A lot of T-shaped magnets and countersunk magnets are made of N52 magnets because both are used for fixing themselves onto another parts. The former is often embedded or inserted into plastic or sometimes even go to injection molding process directly in order to be built with plastic. Neodymium countersunk magnets are to be fixed by screws.

Now, you may ask how to inspect a N52 magnet? If you want to read further about the inspection of magnetic properties, we recommend reading this article. Alliance LLC has listed and explained three methods in detail. At Tengye, we conduct the necessary inspection process to make sure every batch of magnets is up to standard before shipping.

About Tengye: Tengye Magnetic supplies finest permanent magnet materials and custom magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. We also provide rapid prototyping service to help our customer try out new designs quickly.

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