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N55 Magnets | Ceiling N Grade NdFeB Magnet​

Introduction: N55 neodymium magnets (N55 rare earth magnets)

N55 neodymium magnets are the the most powerful N series neodymium magnet. But oftentimes, N52 magnet is still considered the most powerful permanent magnet in applications for holding purpose. In the recent years, the mass production of N55 has become available at some of the top NdFeB manufacturers.

From an application point of view, N55 has a residual flux density of 14.6 kGs to 15.2 kGs, which means it’s 2-3% more powerful than N52. N55 magnets are typically used in applications with limited space but requires huge magnetic strength. In the magnetic separation, equipment makers want to bring the surface gauss of some magnetic separator models to a higher level. In such cases, N55 magnet lends itself to an ideal material. In the realm of micro magnetic engineering, the N55 grade is considered a premium material, prized for its exceptional performance characteristics.

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N55 magnet demagnetization curve
N55 magnets block

N52 and N55 rare earth magnets

To some extent, there is a trade-off between remanence(Br) and coercivity(Hc). A higher remanence could mean a lower Hc value. In the case of N55 neodymium magnets, the magnet is theoretically more susceptible to demagnetization. 

In order to increase the Br and maintain Hc, there is a difference between the production of N55 and others. Instead of using praseodymium-neodymium(PrNd) alloy, we use pure neodymium (Nd) metal to make NdFeB alloy because neodymium contributes more to the increase of Br than praseodymium. That means the cost difference between N52 and N55 is much bigger. That’s why N52 neodymium magnet still dominates the market despite the fact that N55 has been commercially available for a long time. 

neodymium ring magnet
ring magnet
neodymium disc magnet
disc magnet
neodymium cylinder magnet
cylinder magnet
neodymium square magnet
square magnet
neodymium rectangular magnet
rectangular magnet
neodymium bar magnet
bar magnet
arc motor magnets
arc motor magnets
neodymium wedge magnet
wedge magnet
countersunk neodymium magnet
countersunk magnet
neodymium sphere magnets
sphere magnets

N55 Magnet Strength

With a magnetic pull force of up to 5300 gauss, N55 magnets outperform other neodymium magnet grades. This strength ensures they can tackle tasks that demand maximum magnetism

N55 Neodymium Magnets Applications Across Industries

Transportation: N55 magnets are at the heart of electric propulsion systems, ensuring the efficient and reliable performance of electric vehicles, including electric cars and hybrids.

Industrial Machinery: N55 magnets find their place in heavy machinery applications, securely holding and maneuvering heavy components. This not only enhances safety but also boosts productivity in industrial processes.

Renewable Energy: Wind turbines, vital in the growth of renewable energy sources, rely on N55 magnets for superior efficiency in converting wind energy into electricity.

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