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Definition of Name Badge Magnets

Name badge magnet, also known as magnetic name badge or magnetic badge holder, is a substitute for traditional name badges with safety pin or pin backing. A magnetic name badge protects clothing and is a sleek name badge type.

Working principle of a Magnetic Badge Holder

From a layman’s point of view, a magnetic name badge works by the simple attraction of two or three super strong neodymium magnets to a steel plate. As a commercial product, however, magnetic name badge is designed in the principle of cost optimization due to the high cost of neodymium magnets. This is achieved by designing a magnetic circuit where the attraction force is maximized while the least possible magnet is used. The principle is similar to our rubber coated magnets.

Tengye catalogue - name badge magnets

ModelPictureDimensionNet weightCarton sizeQty/carton
SC-1magnetic badge holder SC-145×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-2magnetic badge holder SC-245×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-3magnetic name badge SC-333×13 mm8 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-4magnetic name badge SC-445×13 mm10.9 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-5magnetic name badge SC-545×13 mm9.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-6magnetic name badge SC-647×15 mm13.7 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-7magnetic name badge SC-745×13 mm9.8 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-8magnetic name badge SC-845×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-9magnetic name badge SC-945×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-10magnetic name badge SC-1061×16 mm16.9 g35x27x14 cm540 pcs
SC-11magnetic name badge SC-1164×16 mm17.8 g35x27x14 cm540 pcs
SC-12magnetic name badge SC-1247×15 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-13 magnetic name badge SC-1345×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
TC-14magnetic badge holder TC-1445×13 mm9.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
TC-15magnetic badge holder TC-1547×15 mm6.1 g35x27x14 cm1.360 pcs
TC-16magnetic name badge TC-1645×13 mm16.9 g35x27x14 cm540 pcs
TC-17magnetic name badge TC-1745×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,200 pcs
TC-18magnetic name badge TC-1845×13 mm4.75 g35x27x14 cm2,500 pcs
TC-19magnetic name badge TC-1961×16 mm16.9 g35x27x14 cm1,500 pcs
TC-20magnetic name badge TC-2064×16 mm2o.4 g35x27x14 cm

540 pcs

TC-21clip type magnetClip-type7.1 g34x27x14 cm

1300 pcs

Packaging of name badge magnets

About Tengye: Tengye supplies finest permanent magnet materials and magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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