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Name Badge Magnets | Original China Source

Our Name Badge Magnets are made with premium materials and come in a sleek and compact design that fits seamlessly into any professional environment. The magnet is easy to attach and remove, making it an ideal choice for employees who frequently switch between different name badges.

Definition of Name Badge Magnets

Name badge magnet, also known as magnetic name badge or magnetic badge holder, is a substitute for traditional name badges with safety pin or pin backing. A magnetic name badge protects clothing and is a sleek name badge type.

Working principle of a Magnetic Badge Holder

From a layman’s point of view, a magnetic name badge works by the simple attraction of two or three super strong neodymium magnets to a steel plate. As a commercial product, however, magnetic name badge is designed in the principle of cost optimization due to the high cost of neodymium magnets. This is achieved by designing a magnetic circuit where the attraction force is maximized while the least possible magnet is used. The principle is similar to our rubber coated magnets.

Tengye catalogue - name badge magnets

ModelPictureDimensionNet weightCarton sizeQty/carton
SC-1magnetic badge holder SC-145×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-2magnetic badge holder SC-245×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-3magnetic name badge SC-333×13 mm8 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-4magnetic name badge SC-445×13 mm10.9 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-5magnetic name badge SC-545×13 mm9.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-6magnetic name badge SC-647×15 mm13.7 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-7magnetic name badge SC-745×13 mm9.8 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-8magnetic name badge SC-845×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-9magnetic name badge SC-945×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-10magnetic name badge SC-1061×16 mm16.9 g35x27x14 cm540 pcs
SC-11magnetic name badge SC-1164×16 mm17.8 g35x27x14 cm540 pcs
SC-12magnetic name badge SC-1247×15 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
SC-13 magnetic name badge SC-1345×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
TC-14magnetic badge holder TC-1445×13 mm9.2 g35x27x14 cm1,000 pcs
TC-15magnetic badge holder TC-1547×15 mm6.1 g35x27x14 cm1.360 pcs
TC-16magnetic name badge TC-1645×13 mm16.9 g35x27x14 cm540 pcs
TC-17magnetic name badge TC-1745×13 mm10.2 g35x27x14 cm1,200 pcs
TC-18magnetic name badge TC-1845×13 mm4.75 g35x27x14 cm2,500 pcs
TC-19magnetic name badge TC-1961×16 mm16.9 g35x27x14 cm1,500 pcs
TC-20magnetic name badge TC-2064×16 mm2o.4 g35x27x14 cm

540 pcs

TC-21clip type magnetClip-type7.1 g34x27x14 cm

1300 pcs

Packaging of name badge magnets

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