Rare Earth Alloy NdPr and NdPr Price

Why does NdPr Price matter?

NdPr price is the spotlight for those involved in the NdFeB industry as well as industries that are highly dependent on NdFeB magnets. Praseodymium-Neodymium is of vital importance to the production of NdFeB magnets. Its price has been considered as an indicator of NdFeB price because it makes up the major cost of neodymium magnets. 

NdPr alloy is the upstream alloy of pure neodymium (Nd) metal. In the early days of NdFeB production, it’s widely thought praseodymium (Pr) is detrimental to the magnetic properties. Therefore, NdFeB manufacturers used pure Nd metal to produce the NdFeB strip casting ingot. Later on, it was found that partial substitution of neodymium with praseodymium did not harm the magnetic properties of most NdFeB magnets. Since then, manufacturers started to use PrNd directly, saving the unnecessary costs of separating the elements as well as the additional cost of Nd.

prnd alloy
latest NdPr price chart

NdPr price is volatile. In some cases, it can even rise by over 20% within two months. It’s important for customers to make purchase plans ahead of time. At Tengye, we always look for strategic cooperation with customers. To help our customer maintain stable costs, we can fix the price for customers. For more detail, please get in touch with us.

About Tengye: Tengye supplies finest permanent magnetic materials and assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production.

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