Neodymium Cylinder Magnets

Neodymium magnets belong to rare earth magnets. They are the most powerful permanent magnet commercially available. Tengye Magnetic is a Chinese neodymium magnet manufacturer and supplier of industrial neodymium cylinder magnets.

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Neodymium cylinder magnets have a regular shape of diameter and length. Unlike neodymium disc magnets, the length is bigger than the diameter. The following information is necessary when a customer requests for a quote for neodymium cylinder magnets.

  • Grade
  • Size
  • Dimensional tolerance
  • Magnetization direction
  • Coating
  • Quantity
  • or please send us your engineering drawing
neodymium cylinder magnets

About us: Tengye Magnetic supplies finest permanent magnets and custom magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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