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Neodymium Magnetic hooks

What are neodymium magnet hooks?

Neodymium magnet hooks, also known as magnetic hooks or magnet with hooks, belong to heavy duty magnet with hook. It’s basically a neodymium pot magnet with hook. Existing hooks generally need to be fixed on the supporting surface (such as walls, work surfaces, etc.) by drilling, nailing, riveting, welding, bonding, etc. These methods often damage or contaminate the supporting surface, which is not suitable for occasions with a magnetic conductive support surface (made of ferromagnetic material), because it is difficult to fix the hook by the above method, and it is not convenient to move the hook. There is a hook that uses negative pressure, which is not suitable because of the small suction force.

The magnetic hooks is to use the magnetic force as a fixing force to overcome the weakness of the traditional hook. In special occasions with a magnetically conductive support surface, it will not damage and pollute the support surface, but also move freely and stably hook objects.

magnetic hooks
neodymium magnet hooks

How are magnetic hooks made?

A magnetic hook consists of steel pot with a hook and a neodymium magnet in the steel pot. The magnet is embedded in the steel pot, and the steel pot is connected with the hook. In real applications, the magnet is directly attracted to the magnetic conductive support surface, and then objects can be hung on the hook body. According to different needs, there can be only one hook body, or a group of more than one. These magnet products can be painted into different colors. In most cases, they are nickel coated. However, they can also be painted black or white for aesthetic purpose.

Applications of neodymium magnet hooks

The magnet hook has a simple structure, is easy to move, and has firm suction, which can stably hook objects without damaging and polluting the support surface. It is especially suitable for occasions with magnetically conductive supporting surfaces (such as: workshops with iron plates as walls; iron-hulled ships; inner and outer walls of vehicles; inner and outer walls of iron-clad safes, file cabinets, tool cabinets; maintenance points, hardware warehouses, etc.). A thin object can also be clamped between the magnetic hook seat and the magnetic conductive support surface, so that the magnetic hook can be used for multiple purposes. 

Strong magnetic hooks are an ideal solution for various types of applications where strong holding strength and small hooks are required. They are useful for hanging heavy objects, tools, equipment, lights, signs and banners, for organizing cables, wires and other items in warehouses, office spaces, workstations and more.

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