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Polar-Anisotropic Ring Magnets: The High-Performance Alternative to Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets for BLDC Motors

Discover the advantages of Polar-Anisotropic Ring Magnets, a powerful counterpart to radially magnetized ring magnets. Learn how their higher magnetic flux density makes them an ideal choice for enhancing the performance of brushless DC motors.

Intro: Polar-Anisotropic Ring Magnet

The Polar-Anisotropic ring magnet is a type of multipole ring magnet that, when compared to radial-anisotropic ring magnets with the same material grade and size, demonstrates a higher magnetic flux density. This key advantage has led motor designers to increasingly opt for this innovative multipole ring magnet over its radially magnetized counterpart in various applications.

Polar-anisotropic multipole ring magnet sine wave - case study
Polar-anisotropic multipole ring magnet sine wave
polar-anisotropic multipole ring magnet rotor

Orientation of Polar-Anisotropic Ring Magnet

The orientation of this type of multipole ring magnet is similar to the arrangement found in a Halbach array, which is why it is also referred to as a “Halbach multipole ring magnet”. This arrangement leads to an enhancement of magnetic flux density (field strength) on one side of the magnet. As a result, its field strength surpasses that of an identical radial-anisotropic (radially magnetized) ring magnet.

orientation direction of polar-anisotropic ring magnet
Orientation Pattern (polar-anisotropic)
Polar-Anisotropic ring magnet
Radial-Anisotropic ring magnet

Pros and Cons: Polar-Anisotropic Ring Magnet for E-Motor

  • Polar-Anisotropic Ring Magnets boast a higher flux density than their radially oriented equivalents, offering enhanced performance in various applications.
  • The magnetic flux density on the outer diameter surface of this multipole ring magnet displays a sine wave without requiring a magnetic shaft, leading to increased motor efficiency and reduced weight of materials.
  • The sinusoidal magnetic field on the motor’s circumference reduces cogging torque, leading to quieter and smoother operation.
  • The pole flux density variation is higher for these multipole ring magnets than radially oriented ring magnets, which can negatively impact performance in certain applications.
  • The manufacturing cost of these multipole ring magnets is higher compared to segment magnets and radially magnetized ring magnets, making them a more expensive option for certain applications.

Applications of Polar-Anisotropic Multipole Ring Magnet

Polar Anisotropic Ring Magnets find extensive applications in various industries that demand high torque or high-speed performance. These magnets prove indispensable in a wide range of fields, including power tools, robotics, home appliances, medical tools, and more. Each application often requires a specific number of poles tailored to its unique requirements. For instance, coreless motors, also known as hollow cup motors, typically employ 4 pole ring magnets to achieve optimal functionality and efficiency. The versatility and adaptability of Polar-Anisotropic Ring Magnets make them a preferred choice in numerous cutting-edge technologies and industrial applications.

multipole ring magnet rotor assembly
polar-anisotropic ring magnet rotor assembly with bearings
polar-anisotropic ring magnet with stainless steel sleeve
polar-anisotropic ring magnet with stainless steel sleeve

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