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Pot Magnet with external thread

Pot magnet with external thread ensure strong connections

Pot magnets with external thread are ideal for attaching objects to walls, ceilings or other building elements. It is attached directly to an existing thread or by a nut. The magnets with external thread are located in a robust metal housing. Since they have a flat design, they are also referred to as flat magnetic holders. 

How pot magnet works?

Pot magnets are made of a permanent magnet and a steel housing. The steel housing is ferromagnetic and can redirect the magnetic flux of the magnet. This forms a special magnetic circuit that increases the magnetic flux density at certain areas on the working surface and significant increase the holding force.

pot magnet with external thread

More information about the pot magnet with external thread

Pot magnets are stronger than you might think based on their compact shape. This makes them flexible for different fields of application. Tengye Magnetic manufactures pot magnets in different designs. Different holding applications require different sizes and strengths of the pot magnets. We also supply rubber-coated magnets with external thread. The rubber coating protects the surfaces to which the magnets should adhere from scratches and damage.

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