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PrNd Price Trend – 29 March 2022

PrNd price: increasing and increasing

PrNd is the abbreviation of Praseodymium Neodymium – one of the main ingredients of NdFeB magnets.  It is a rare earth alloy that contains 75% Neodymium and 25% Praseodymium.

Unstable Magnet Price & Sluggish Rare Earth Magnet market

In the neodymium magnet industry, magnet companies experience ups and downs solely depending on PrNd price trend. During the period of PrNd price going down, we observe less orders and inquiries. As the price hits a certain low point, we may be filled with large orders of neodymium magnets. 

PrNd price has gone from 1200k to 770k CYN/TON half year from now.

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