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Ben test

 Part NumberCSN-16
 Diameter16 mm
 Hole SizeM3
 Height5.10 mm
MaterialNdFeB, Grade N42
Plating/CoatingNi-Cu-Ni (Nickel)
Magnetization DirectionAxial (Poles on Flat Ends)
Weight6 g
Max. Working Temp.80°C
Pull Force6 kg

The CSN style is a versatile flat pot magnet designed with a tapered hole to accommodate a screw head. It serves multiple purposes, such as attaching an object to be hung from a metal surface or securely fastening metallic objects to walls, ceilings, or fixtures. This incredibly handy magnet offers practicality and convenience in various applications.


Topfmagnet (DE)
$ 1.20 for reference
  • Customizable Magnet
  • OEM Assembly Service
  • Door to Door Delivery
ISO 9001

Pot magnets, also known as cup magnets or magnetic holding systems, possess distinctive characteristics and are designed to offer numerous advantages in various applications. The key features of pot magnets are as follows:


  1. Enclosed Structure: Pot magnets comprise a magnet encapsulated within a steel cup or housing, which shields the magnet from external influences, such as impact or corrosion, while enhancing its performance.


  1. Central Mounting Hole: Pot magnets typically incorporate a centrally located hole or threaded stud on the non-magnetic side of the housing, facilitating easy attachment and integration into diverse applications.


  1. Strong Magnetic Force: Pot magnets are engineered to generate a concentrated and robust magnetic field on the open face of the magnet. The steel housing directs and concentrates the magnetic flux, resulting in amplified holding power.

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A pot magnet consists of a compact, cylindrical body with a flat circular base. The overall shape resembles a small, cylindrical cup. The cylindrical body is made of a durable, magnetically conductive material, often steel, which provides strength and protection to the internal magnet.


At the center of the flat circular base, there is a threaded stud or hole, allowing for easy attachment and integration into various applications. This threaded stud or hole serves as a mounting point for connecting the pot magnet to different surfaces or objects.


The pot magnet’s cylindrical body has a slightly tapered design, with a wider diameter at the base that gradually narrows towards the top. The tapered shape not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also aids in directing and concentrating the magnetic field towards the open face of the pot magnet.


The top of the pot magnet, opposite to the flat circular base, forms the open face. This open face is where the magnetic field is concentrated and where the pot magnet interacts with objects or surfaces. The open face can be either flat or slightly curved, depending on the specific design.

Pot magnets have an outer steel cup or housing that encloses the magnet, and this design enhances its magnetic properties from a physics perspective. The presence of the steel cup or housing contributes to the following phenomena:


  1. Magnetic Flux Concentration: The steel cup or housing acts as a magnetic flux conductor. When a magnetic field is generated by the magnet inside the pot, the steel cup directs and concentrates the magnetic flux lines towards the open face of the magnet. This concentration of magnetic flux results in a stronger and more focused magnetic field on the open side of the pot magnet.


  1. Magnetic Shielding: The steel cup or housing acts as a magnetic shield, protecting the magnet from external influences. It reduces the effects of magnetic interference from surrounding objects or environments, enhancing the magnet’s performance and stability. This shielding effect helps maintain the strength and integrity of the magnetic field generated by the magnet.


  1. Closed Magnetic Circuit: The combination of the magnet and the steel cup creates a closed magnetic circuit. This closed circuit allows the magnetic field to circulate within the pot magnet, preventing the loss of magnetic energy and maximizing the magnetic force produced by the magnet. The closed magnetic circuit ensures that a significant portion of the magnetic field is directed towards the open face of the pot magnet, increasing its overall magnetic strength.

The utilization of pot magnets in design and engineering applications yields the following benefits:


  1. Secure Holding: Pot magnets offer exceptional holding force owing to their concentrated magnetic field. They can securely hold and affix objects in place, even on vertical or overhead surfaces.


  1. Versatile Application: Pot magnets find extensive application across various fields, including manufacturing, construction, engineering, and everyday objects. They can be employed for holding, lifting, clamping, mounting, or attaching objects to metal surfaces.


  1. Protection and Durability: The enclosed structure of pot magnets ensures the protection of the magnet, rendering it resistant to damage, demagnetization, or wear. This enhances the magnet’s lifespan and ensures consistent performance.

At Tengye, we empower tech companies and product designers with premium magnets and electrical/electronic components. With our technical innovation and exceptional service, we are your reliable partner for success. Backed by ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications, we guarantee the highest quality standards. Contact us to explore comprehensive solutions and elevate your projects.

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