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Rubber Coated Magnets | Magnetic Mounting That Protect The Surface

Tengye Portfolio of Rubber Coated Magnets

rubber coated magnet with male thread
with male thread
rubber coated magnet with female thread
with female thread
rubber coated magnet with screw bush
with screw bush
rubber coated magnet with hook black
with hook
rectangular rubber coated magnet with hook
with hook (rectangular)
rectangular rubber coated neodymium magnet female thread
with female thread (rectangular)
heavy duty rubber coated magnet
heavy duty rubber coated magnet
rubber coated neodymium magnet with cable tie mount
with cable tie mount
raw magnet with rubber coating
raw magnet with rubber coating

Rubber Coated Mounting Magnet

Rubber coated magnets are mainly composed of permanent magnets, steel back plate and rubber part. Similar to pot magnets, rubber coated magnets have far stronger holding force than a same-sized plain magnet. With rubber coating, the friction between contacting surfaces are significantly increased, which also provides a better shear force. Besides, the rubber can protect the contacting surface against scratching.

Construction of Rubber Coated Magnets

Magnets are the core of rubber coated magnets. Generally, the magnets are in disc shape and they are fitted on the steel plate in an alternating-pole configuration. The alternating-pole arrangement forms special magnetic circuits on the working face of the magnetic assembly, which can significantly enhances the magnetic strength. After installing the disc magnets onto the ferromagnetic steel plate, the assembly is fitted into an injection molded rubber base. The rubber based is then placed in a mold. Followed by an overmolding process, the magnetic assembly is encapsulated by the rubber.

rubber coated magnet steel plate
magnetic assemblies
134941655973730 .pic
rubber coated magnets

As a rubber coated magnet supplier in China, Tengye Magnetic is dedicated to produce high quality holding magnets for world market. Our rubber coated magnets are widely used in the lighting industry and cable management sector, etc.

Applications of Rubber Coated Magnets

Imagine a situation where you need to securely hold something on a beautiful and elegant surface. In such moments, you handle the task delicately, being extra careful not to leave any scratches. This is precisely why we’ve developed the rubber coated magnet. The TPV rubber coating acts as a protective layer, effectively preventing direct contact between the magnet and the delicate surface, which reduces the risk of unsightly scratches.

In practical terms, these versatile magnets can be used in various situations, as long as they serve the purpose of holding items securely. What makes them stand out is their unique rubber coating, making them particularly well-suited for delicate surfaces when compared to other magnetic products. It’s important to note that we use TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate), a material known for its excellent chemical stability. However, it’s crucial to be cautious when using these magnets in extreme temperature or corrosive environments, as such conditions may affect their lifespan.

As experienced professionals in the field of magnetic assemblies, we take pride in offering high-quality rubber coated magnets for both civil and industrial applications. Choose our magnets to protect the elegance of your surfaces while enjoying dependable magnetic solutions.

rubber coated magnets
rubber coated magnets
134901655972953 .pic hd

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