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Rubber Mold

Rubber, due to its stretchable, malleable, and high-strength properties, makes an ideal material for creating molds. Rubber molds can be reutilized numerous times before degrading, making it a cost-effective solution for mass production.

rubber mold

Image Source:  RDrubber

Rubber Mold Lifespan

A rubber mold can be used for approximately 100,000 cycles of molding before its performance declines or it needs to be replaced. When using a rubber mold with two cavities, it is possible to manufacture up to 200,000 parts, as each cycle yields two components.

Dimensional Tolerance

Parts produced using a rubber mold typically exhibit a dimensional tolerance of ±0.25mm. Plastic products made from rubber molds typically do not match the high-quality appearance and dimensional precision achieved with products made using steel molds in injection molding processes.

Mold Cost

The cost is dependent on the complexity of the specific part. We need the STEP file for an accurate quote.

Kinds of Rubber Mold

Silicone rubber, latex rubber, polyurethane rubber, and vulcanized rubber are the most commonly used types. Silicone rubber is renowned for its high heat tolerance and flexibility. Polyurethane rubber is highly tear-resistant and ideal for abrasive materials. Latex rubber molds are generally used for casting plaster and concrete while vulcanized rubber molds are typically used in jewelry for their ability to hold extremely fine detail.



Image Source:  Archerseal

As long as there’s a need for mass production or intricate design replication, rubber molds will continue to hold a place of importance in various sectors of industry.

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