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Reducing Torque Ripple in BLDC Motors with NdFeB Magnets

Reducing torque ripple in motors is a multifaceted endeavor, demanding not only ingenuity but also a deep understanding of the intricate forces at play within these mechanical powerhouses. The desire for smoother, more precise, and efficient motor performance has driven engineers and researchers to explore various avenues, leading to a groundbreaking discovery: the exceptional potential of Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets.

In this article, we will explore how NdFeB magnets are instrumental in minimizing torque ripple, focusing on key aspects such as cogging torque, motor construction, vibration, and noise.


torque ripple formula

Image Source: Emetor

Understanding Torque Ripple

Torque ripple, a phenomenon characterized by variations in motor output torque during operation, has been a persistent challenge in the realm of electric motors. It manifests as deviations in the motor’s output torque, leading to undesirable outcomes such as vibration, noise, and diminished operational efficiency. These fluctuations disrupt the seamless flow of motion and can be particularly detrimental in precision-driven domains, including robotics, automation, and automotive systems.

The Role of NdFeB Magnets

NdFeB magnets have emerged as a game-changer in the quest to reduce torque ripple. These magnets are characterized by their high remanence and coercivity, which enable them to generate consistent and strong magnetic fields. This inherent magnetic strength forms the basis for mitigating torque ripple in BLDC motors.

Cogging Torque: The Initial Hurdle

NdFeB magnets exhibit low magnetic reluctance, meaning they allow magnetic flux to flow with minimal resistance. This property reduces the magnetic resistance between the rotor and stator, thereby diminishing the cogging torque effect.

The exceptional magnetic strength of NdFeB magnets enhances the alignment of the magnetic fields between the rotor and stator. This improved alignment reduces the propensity for magnetic interactions that lead to cogging torque. The result is a motor that operates with greater precision and efficiency.



Image source: Fuyumotion

Motor Construction: The Foundation of Precision

The construction of a motor lays the foundation for its performance. How the components are designed and assembled determines the extent of torque ripple. NdFeB magnets, with their extraordinary magnetic properties, are increasingly finding their place at the heart of motor construction. Their contribution goes beyond mere magnetism; it encompasses the structural integrity of the motor, ensuring that all elements work in harmony.

Damping Effects on Vibration and Noise

NdFeB magnets possess inherent damping properties. Damping is the ability to absorb and dissipate energy from vibrations and mechanical impacts. When strategically incorporated into motor designs, NdFeB magnets act as natural dampers, absorbing vibrations and minimizing their propagation throughout the motor structure. This damping effect contributes significantly to noise reduction.

Improved Linearity

The strong magnetic fields generated by NdFeB magnets contribute to enhanced linearity in motor behavior. This means that changes in the input voltage or current have a more predictable and linear impact on motor output, resulting in reduced torque ripple.


In conclusion, the integration of NdFeB magnets represents a breakthrough in the quest to reduce cogging torque in electric motors. Their stable magnetic fields, low reluctance effects, and superior magnetic alignment contribute to smoother and more precise motor operation. Their role in torque ripple reduction is a testament to the synergy of materials science and engineering, shaping a future where precision and efficiency go hand in hand.

At Tengye, we’re thrilled to be early participants in your new projects. Our passion for magnets extends from material selection and design optimization to providing magnetic solutions. We hope to bring our knowledge and experience to the forefront by actively engaging in your upcoming projects. Our all-around proficiency in the world of magnets and magnetic assemblies ensures that we can provide comprehensive solutions to meet our client’s diverse needs. Fill out the form and work with experts to solve the problem you are facing now. 


Featured Image Source: Vibracoustic


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