Rectangular Pot Magnets (Channel Magnets)

What is a Pot Magnet?

A pot magnet is made of a permanent magnet and a steel housing. Normally, pot magnets are round in shape with a disc magnet being embedded in the steel housing. These round based magnets are widely used in various holding applications because they provide an excellent holding force. 

The steel housing is made of ferromagnetic material that has high permeability and it can redirect the magnetic flux in a way that enhances the magnetic strength. The magnetic flux density becomes much denser on the working face of the pot magnets when compared to a stand-alone magnet with the same size and grade. In addition, pot magnets can be mounted on by various accessories such as hook, screw, eyelet, etc. to adapt themselves to various holding scenarios. Thus, they are also called mounting magnets.

Important Variation: Rectangular Pot Magnets (channel magnets)

Rectangular pot magnets are also known as channel magnets because of its channel-like steel housing. In most cases, the rectangular (or square) magnets are countersunk to make room for screws. Similar to round pot magnets, rectangular pot magnets can be fixed on a wall with its holding face staying outside. Tengye Magnetic manufactures neodymium magnets and stamped pot housing in-house. We can supply custom pot magnets.

Catalogue of Rectangular Pot Magnets (channel magnets)

ItemLIWHdd1WeightPull force
RPS10 10513.553.36.55 g4 KG
RPS15 157.513.553.36.57 g7 KG
RPS20201013.553.36.510 g8 KG
RPS30301513.553.36.515 g16 KG
RPD40403013.553.36.519 g17 KG
RPD50504013.553.36.524 g27 KG
RPD60605013.553.36.530 g30 KG
RPD80807013.553.36.538 g33 KG
RPD1001009013.553.36.548 g36 KG
RPD12012011013.553.36.558 g40 KG
neodymium rectangular pot magnets
rectangular pot magnets

We can supply screw along with the channel magnets. These channel magnets can also be mounted parallel to the ground for vertical holding applications.

About Tengye: Tengye Magnetic supplies finest permanent magnetic materials and custom magnetic assemblies to world industry. We work closely with our customer from designing stage to mass production. 

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